You do NOT Have to be Fully Healed to Make an Amazing Practitioner

You do NOT have to be fully healed to make an amazing practitioner

As a health and wellness entrepreneur, you may feel pressure to be a perfect picture of health. You may feel that in order to be a successful practitioner, you need to have everything figured out and be fully healed from any health issues. But the truth is, you do not have to be fully healed to make an amazing practitioner.

When I started my business, I had just been diagnosed with PCOS. I had irregular periods, debilitating anxiety and depression, but that didn't stop me from starting or marketing my business. I think what made me so successful in such a short period of time was that I shared my story with the world. I posted about my struggles with PCOS, depression, anxiety, migraines and chronic sinus infections. I shared what was working for me and how functional labs changed my life.

Although I have since reversed my PCOS and no longer have anxiety, depression or sinus infections, I still am not the perfect picture of health, and I never will be! Most recently I found out I have Lyme Disease, and sharing that story was so powerful in connecting with my audience and my clients. Instead of being ashamed of your health issues or thinking you have to be a perfect picture of health, I urge you to embrace wherever you are on your journey and share your story with the world. Dealing with your own health issues can make you an even more effective and amazing practitioner, here's a few reasons why: 



When you're dealing with your own health issues, you have a unique perspective that allows you to empathize with your clients. You understand firsthand the struggles and challenges that come with managing a health condition, which can make you a more compassionate and understanding practitioner. In the past I have worked with doctors and even functional medicine practitioners that lacked empathy, and it made it a horrible experience for me. 


Personal Experience

Dealing with your own health issues also gives you personal experience that you can draw on when working with clients. You know what has worked for you and what hasn't, and can use that knowledge to help guide your clients in their own health journeys. I guarantee if you share your struggles on your website, on social media or even in a session with your client, you will gain trust with that client. I have shared my story so many times with clients and they always thank me for being so open and vulnerable with them. 


Continued Learning

Being in the holistic health industry is an ongoing learning process, and dealing with your own health issues can be a catalyst for continued learning. You're constantly seeking out new information and strategies to help manage your own health, which means you're always growing and expanding your knowledge base. This, in turn, can benefit your clients by providing them with the most up-to-date and effective strategies, protocols and research.



Finally, dealing with your own health issues can make you a more authentic pracititioner. You're not trying to present a perfect image or pretend that you have everything figured out. Instead, you're honest about your own struggles and are able to connect with your clients on a deeper level. This can help to build trust and rapport with your clients, which is essential for a successful coaching relationship.


So do you believe me now that you do not have to be fully healed to make an amazing practitioner? Dealing with your own health issues can give you a unique perspective, personal experience, ongoing learning opportunities, and authenticity that can make you an even more effective coach. Remember, it's not about being perfect, it's about being there for your clients and helping them to achieve their health goals. So embrace your own health journey and use it to become the best practitioner you can be.


To your health, happiness and wealth, 



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